How We Are

Our History

The idea of AbdA-Gro enterprise came following the purchase of our house in Forestburg. We moved in a village that we adore with a very welcoming and kind community.

Unfortunately, the cost of groceries in a village is higher, so we are obligated to travel to Camrose each time we need groceries.

Every time it is 2 hours of travel, a minimum of $30 on gasoline, about $20 for a meal and many hours of our time. In addition, we can’t forget all the added mileage to our vehicle which contributes to lowering its value and all the added oil changes we noticed in a year. But most importantly, there is the risk of being on the road with all the different weather conditions especially in winter.  And this became even more complicated when we had our new baby girl in January 2018.

The idea of an online grocery store that delivers became clearer as we spoke to many people who had the same concerns. This is why we are launching AbdA-Gro Enterprise to meet the daily grocery needs of people who live far away from the big cities. AbdA-Gro Enterprise will do the shopping, the travelling and the delivering to your door.

So no matter the occasion, weather conditions or the day of the week, you can rely on AbdA-Gro Enterprise to save you time and be there for you when you need it.

Certainly, we cannot compete with the giants but we guarantee that our prices will not be more expensive than SAVE ON FOODS with a reasonable delivery fee that is waived if you order more.

See you soon!